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היברידי (משרד בתל אביב + עבודה מהבית)היברידי (משרד בתל אביב + עבודה מהבית)

תגיות רלוונטיות

  • Data Science/ BI
  • DevOps
  • Tech-Art
  • ניהול מוצר
  • ניהול פרויקט
  • עיצוב חווית משחק (Game Design)
  • פיתוח (Full Stack)
  • פיתוח (יוניטי)
  • פיתוח (סביבות אחרות)
  • פיתוח (שרת)


Veryo Studios is a cutting-edge gaming studio that has developed "Apes TD", a 3D tower defense & third-person shooter combo game.
Veryo Studio’s mission is to bring exciting new experiences and innovative gameplay to our users.
We are looking for a new member to join our growing and passionate team, specifically, a Senior Software Engineer (Unity3D).

So, if your dream is to work on a different, exciting, and new type of 3D mobile game project, your place is with us!


- Five (5+) years of professional experience in Unity3D software development.
- Strong knowledge of C#, OOP, and software design patterns.
- Good written and verbal English communication skills.
- Familiarity with working in a scrum/agile environment.
- Experience in working with Firebase.
- Experience in working with Jira & Git.
- A true gamer of mobile, console, pc games.
- Self-motivated, focused, and energetic person with a passion for technology and development.


- Work on 100% AWESOME mid-hard core 3D Unity game.
- Optimizing the game for the best performance on all supported devices.
- Write clean, high-quality code.
- Working with Backend & DB systems.
- Work with product and design teams on new features.
פורסם   16 יוני 2021
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