Unreal Engine Artist

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Netanya, ישראלNetanya, ישראל

תגיות רלוונטיות

  • אנימציית תלת מימד
  • Tech-Art
  • מידול 3D
  • פיתוח (אנריל)


Job Description
Jungo is growing our in-cabin AI software team. At Jungo we provide leading edge software for driver monitoring and in-cabin sensing solutions, all AI/Deep based – enabling auto makers to create safer cars today, and transition into autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.
The role includes generating realistic scenarios in the driving environment for testing using Unreal Engine. Scenarios parameters should be changed programmatically (script) to cover many different appearances, poses, accessories, and various lightning conditions.
- Vast knowledge of Unreal Engine, 3 years or above
- Programming skills in Unreal Engine (Blueprint, C++...)
- Familiar with 3D rendering process (lightning, camera parameters, render engines)
- Experience creating shaders
- Working closely with the R&D teams
- Team player
- Familiar with 3D modeling applications (for example Blender, Maya, Zbrush...)
- Experience with C# and/or JavaScript
- Experience with human character modeling
- Animation skills
פורסם   09 מאי 2021
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